Within the overall objective of slowing down climate change by reducing carbon emissions, existing buildings renovation must consider energy conservation and efficiency measures, but can also take into account measures and technologies that foster the use of energy from renewable sources, produced onsite or nearby, that prove to be effective.

In building renovation, current standards, mainly targeted to energy efficiency measures, often result in expensive processes and complex procedures, seldom accepted by users, owners and promoters. However, these procedures can be simplified if the onsite production of renewable energy is taken into consideration in the renovation process, potentially reducing the volume and depth of the works.

Cost Effective Energy and Carbon Emissions Optimization in Building Renovation project aims at developing a new methodology for cost effective renovation of existing buildings, using the right balance between the energy conservation and efficiency measures for one side and the measures and technologies that promote the use of renewable energy on the other. This methodology is to be used by interested private entities, helping them in their renovation decisions, as well as by governmental agencies that can use it for the definition of regulations and their implementation.

The methodology will allow:

A renovation guide book based on cost effective solutions and on an optimal value concept, supported by exemplary case studies and by flexible tools, will be produced within the development of the methodology.

It is possible to download a PDF presentation of the project here.  

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