Annex 56 - 5th Meeting
2013-10-22 by admin

On the 22nd – 25th September took place in Graz - Austria, the 5th meeting of the project. The meeting was held in the Technical University of Graz, and had 20 participants.

During the meeting it was discussed the current status of the different subtasks and defined the strategy for the presentation of the first deliverables. In December 2013 it is foreseen the publication of the web version of the Brochure Shining Examples with exemplary case-studies from the participating countries.

In the last day of the meeting took place the IEA EBC Annex 56 Industry Workshop, organized in cooperation with IEA EBC Annex 57 and the EU project AIDA. This workshop included presentations of the involved research projects, as well as a discussion panel with some invited guests.

As usual in every Annex 56 meetings, a technical visit to good building renovation examples within the Annex objectives was organized. The group visited one refurbished residential building block in Kapfenberg and a renovated court in Bruck an der mur.


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