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This brochure is a selection of successful realised demonstration projects within Annex 56 partner countries that highlights successful solutions and provides general findings, similarities and differences emerging out of the demonstration projects selected in the participating countries.

The specific mission of the case study activity of the Annex 56 project is to provide significant feedback from practice (realised, ongoing or intended renovation projects) on a scientific basis.

Within Annex 56, the gathering of case studies is one of the activities undertaken to reach the overall project objectives, because it is a recognized fact that the process of decision-making has to be strongly supported by success stories from real life and experiences and lessons learned from practice.

The “Shining Examples” are gathered mainly for motivation and stimulation purposes, highlighting the advantages of aiming at far reaching energy and carbon emissions reductions, being still cost effective. The focus is to highlight advantages and innovative (but feasible) solutions and strategies.

In this report 9 shining examples are presented, covering some refurbished buildings in Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, and Switzerland.

A cross-section analysis of these shining examples has also been carried out to identify similarities, differences and general findings. The results of this analysis are presented in 5 sections covering: barriers/solutions, anyway measures, rational use of energy/renewable energy supply (RUE/RES) balance of measures, co-benefits and country/climate specific measures.

The document is available for download here and more information here.


shining examples brochure 

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