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Brno meeting conclusions
2014-11-10 by admin

After the 7th meeting of the project, held in Faculty of Engineering of Brno - Czech Republic, the partners are now continuing their activities in order to achieve the defined goal, in particular the deliverables that need to be published next year.

7th meeting of Annex 56
2014-09-15 by admin

It is now starting in Brno, Czech Republic, the 7th meeting of the annex 56 project.

It will be discussed the ongoing activities of the different subtasks, as well as the expected dates for the availability of the final deliverables.

An Industry Workshop will take place, on the afternoon of the 16th September, where the participants of the project can present their developments to a group of stakeholders from the region of Brno.


Shining examples brochure now available
2014-08-27 by admin

One of the first deliverables of the project is now available for download. This brochure compiles 9 examples of refurbished buildings, in different countries around Europe.


The document is available for download here and more information here.

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