IEA Annex56 ASCOT tool is now available
2015-11-09 by admin

It is now available for download, the IEA Annex 56 ASCOT tool.

Find here the direct link to the spreadsheet, or visit the page "tools" under the results menu.


The calculation tool ASCOT – assessment tool for additional construction cost in sustainable construction renovation – was originally developed for dwellings. The purpose of the ASCOT tool is to assist the user in evaluating and thereby optimise the economic costs of a building renovation project in relation to sustainable development issues. 

The tool is designed to take into consideration:

  • All investment and operation costs over the total lifetime of the building;
  • The savings from the investments with respect to sustainable issues (energy, water, waste) over the total lifespan of the building;
  • The reduced environmental impact from the energy savings;
  • The social or environmental and other external costs incurred by the project (not included in the first prototype but an option that can be added at a later stage)

The ASCOT model allows a comparison between a traditional (reference) building renovation and different sustainable concepts for the renovation of a building. This comparison will take into account usage savings during the total lifetime of the building and the frequency of future replacing of building components and systems. The tool is primarily intended for use in the early stage of the design process. It can be used for both new constructions and renovations projects.

The ASCOT tool calculations are based on international standards for energy calculation. Thermal performance of buildings – Calculation of energy use for space heating and cooling (ISO/DIS 13790), Heating systems in buildings – Method for calculation of system energy requirements and system efficiencies: Heat generation system, thermal solar systems.

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