Papers and articles that focus on the topics identified in the scope of the project:


Shining examples analysed within the EBC Annex 56 project

Ove Morck , Manuela Almeida, Marco Ferreira, Nelson Brito, Kirsten Engelund ThomsenIben Østergaard


Pitfalls in the economic and ecological evaluation of energy related building renovation strategies and measures

Walter Ott, Roman Bolliger


Tenants Acceptance or Rejection of Major Energy Renovation of Block of Flats – IEA Annex 56

Åke Blomsterberg, Eja Pedersen


Detailed Case Studies - a closer look at cost effective energy and carbon emission optimization in Europe

Karl Höfler, David Venus


Finding the balance between energy efficiency measures and renewable energy measures in building renovation: An assessment based on generic calculations in 8 European countries

Bolliger R., Ott W., von Grünigen S.


Costs assessment for building renovation cost-optimal analysis

Simone Ferrari, Federica Zagarella


Environmental aspects of renovations – case studies

Jirí Sedlák, Petr Jelínek, Zuzana Stránská, Karel Struhala


IEA EBC Annex56 vision for cost effective energy and carbon emissions optimization in building renovation

Manuela Almeida , Marco Ferreira


Benefits from energy related building renovation beyond costs, energy and emissions

Marco Ferreira , Manuela Almeida


Cost-effective energy and carbon emission optimization in building renovation – A case-study in a low income neighbourhood

Manuela Almeida, Alessandro Bencresciuto, Marco Ferreira, Ana Rodrigues


Life Cycle Assessment of energy related building renovation: methodology and case study

Sébastien Lasvaux, Blaise Périsset, Didier Favre, Jacques Bony, Stéphane Citherlet


Building renovation: which kind of guidelines could be proposed for policy makers and professional owners?

Francesca Cappelletti, Tiziano Dalla Mora, Fabio Peron, Piercarlo Romagnoni, Paolo Ruggeri


Energy consumption in an old residential building before and after deep energy renovation

Kirsten Engelund Thomsen, Jørgen Rose, Ove Morck, Søren Østergaard Jensen, Iben Østergaard 


Retrofit of an historical building toward NZEB

T. Dalla Mora, F. Cappelletti, F. Peron, P. Romagnoni, F. Bauman


Cost-effective renovation of a multi-residential building in Spain through the application of the IEA Annex 56 Methodology

Silvia Domingo-Irigoyena, Ana Sánchez-Ostiz, Jorge San Miguel-Bellod

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