Project deliverables

With the project reaching its conclusion, the deliverables are now completed and available to the public.

The following documents are the main outcomes of the project, and can be downloaded in the following links:


Executive Summary for Policy Makers - download


Guidebook for Policy Makers  - download


Guidebook for Professional Home Owners - download


Co-benefits of energy related building renovation - download


Evaluation of the impact of energy related renovation measures on selected Case Studies - download


Life Cycle Assessment - download


Methodology for Cost-Effective Energy and Carbon Emissions Optimization in Building Renovation - download


Owners and Residents Acceptance of Major Energy Renovations of Buildings - download


Results of the Parametric Calculations with Generic Buildings and Case Studies - download


Shining Examples Brochure (2nd Edition) - download


Terminology & Definitions - download


Tools and Procedures to Support Decision Making - download


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